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Independently owned and operated, Greater Melbourne Piano Rentals is a family based business, supplying the market with both short and long term piano rental options, giving you, your child or or your students the best opportunity to learn the fine craft of piano on top quality, world renowned instruments.

Event Hire Pianos

If you’re looking for an instrument for your next event, we can supply you with a top of the range Yamaha C5 grand piano or a Yamaha U3 for those times when you can’t squeeze 200cm of grand piano voice into your space.

Quoted prices for Event Hire Pianos include Metro Delivery, Tuning and Pickup.
Bump in at least 90 minutes before your event to allow time for setup and tuning, pickup the following day.
Late night pickup is an additional $100

From $1100

Yamaha C5 Grand

Quite possibly the best sounding event hire piano in Melbourne, this 200cm long Grand Piano has a limitless facility for expression, shifting with the melody and overlaying notes into a wonderful harmony.

From $1000

Yamaha C3 Grand

Our C3 was recently rebuilt and now the strings have settled in, it's the perfect combo of a seasoned instrument with a finely regulated action in an immaculate cabinet.

From $950

Yamaha GC1 Baby Grand

Yamaha's uncompromising insistence on superb sound and resonance, available at a price suitable for smaller budgets.

From $650

Yamaha YUX

Built with longer bass strings, a stronger frame and superior materials than a standard U series Yamaha, this upgright will suit small and large venues alike.

Monthly Rental Pianos

Greater Melbourne Piano Rentals, in conjunction with Erin Tunes, are bringing you the best range of quality rentals pianos available in Melbourne today.
Affordable monthly rates, well regulated and beautifully tuned instruments, all of which are imported directly from Japan or sourced locally from reputable dealers and private sales.

November Update: Stock levels have gone from very good to very limited quickly.
We have 4 more pianos that will be availiable soon, but for now the 2 u3s are all we have in stock.


Yamaha U3A

This U3 delivers a rich, unparalleled sound that discerning pianists swear by.


1 Availiable Now


Yamaha U3M

This U3 delivers a rich, well seasoned sound that will fill your home with music.


1 Availiable Now

Property Styling Pianos

Property Syling and Display Home pianos are in high demand.
We can supply beautiful looking grand or upright pianos on a weekly basis. The pianos are delivered polished but not tuned.
Minimum 6 week rental, Delivery and Pickup fees paid in advance, ballance for extra time due on pickup

From $100/Week

Yamaha GB1 or GH1 Baby Grand

Yamaha's Indonesian varients of the G1 Grand Piano and excellent piano in its own right.

From $100/week

Kawai KG-1D Baby Grand

These Kawai KG Grand pianos are a great for property styling.

From $90/Week

Bechstein Model A Grand

This German beast looks beautiful as the cabinet has been restored with a modern matte finish. Turned legs and polished brass add a sense of grandeur to any suitably sized room.

From $100/Week

Rieger-Kloss 185

An excellent quality grand piano made in the Czech Republic. Similar in stature to our C5, black and shiney.

From $100/Week

Yamaha G2 Grand

Our G2 is yet another large black and shiney high quality piano to join our fleet. Already booked until March next year.

From $100/week

Kawai KG2 D Grand

These Kawai KG Grand pianos are great for property styling.

Delivery & Other Costs

Upright Piano Delivery and Pickup Costs Green zone $150, Orange Zone $180, Red Zone $200 and by quote for further.

Grand Piano Delivery and Pickup Costs (In Orange) Green zone $250, Orange Zone $280, Red Zone $300.

Delivery from $150

Extra charges apply for dificult deliveries with poor access, such as more than 4 stairs, steep or off camber driveways or craning etc.

For long term rentals we do not require a deposit however you are asked to pay the delivery, pickup fees and the first months rental on delivery.
Rental is payable until 28 Days from notice of the cancelation of the rental agreement.

Contact Us

To enquire about booking a piano for your event or to arrange a monthy rental,
give Erin a call on 0414 644 650 or simply email us at

Our showroom is located in Frankston South and we welcome customers who wish to try out the pianos before delivery by appointment,
contact Erin on 0414 644 650 to arrange viewing times.

* for terms and conditions of rentals or promotions please contact us.


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